The Ohio State University

Econ 8818--Economics of Information

Spring 2016

Professor James Peck


PAES Building A105
M,W,F January 11 – February 26

Course Objectives:  This course will provide you with useful tools for understanding current research and performing your own research on theoretical economic models with asymmetric information.  We will go over articles on a wide range of information-related topics.

Course Requirements:  Students are required to present one of the papers to the class, which will make up 45% of the final grade.  Presentation papers must be approved by me.  Secondly, students are required to write a short referee’s report (3-5 pages, on a paper that was not presented in class) or a research proposal (3-5 pages), which will also make up 45% of the final grade.  The remaining 10% will be based on attendance and participation.


Course Syllabus

Notes on Articles:

Grossman-Stiglitz (1980)

Dubey, Geanakoplos, and Shubik (1987)

Peck (GEB, 2014)

Milgrom and Stokey (1982)

Tirole (1982)

Myerson and Satterthwaite (1983)

Burdett and Judd (1983)

Deneckere and Peck (2012)

Bulow and Klemperer (1994)

Banerjee (1993)

Bikhchandani, Hirshleifer, and Welch (1992)

Smith and Sorensen (2000)

Chamley and Gale (1994)

Peck and Yang (2011)


Diamond and Dybvig (1983)

Ennis and Keister (2009)